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A customs broker is a legal entity that acts as an intermediary between an importer or exporter of cargo and a customs division. This is the legal representative of the employer at customs. The customs broker of the KORSA company has a large number of powers that will significantly simplify your work.
Customs broker Kiev services will also facilitate the import and export of goods that may be part of a large or small batch, contain perishable or non-perishable products.

Customs brokerage for cars and other cargo is carried out within the time limits established by law, subject to strict compliance by customs officials with the established rules and regulations. For the customs services rendered, the broker bears material and criminal liability within the framework of the law and the contract, which is signed by the parties before the start of customs procedures. The conclusion of the agreement entitles the broker to perform the necessary actions on behalf of the client; in the absence of a proper written agreement, the Customs broker will be considered illegal. The broker's duties are not limited to the list of customs clearance activities. Receiving representative authority from the client, the broker is fully responsible for the correctness of customs operations.

Customs clearance is a time-consuming procedure that requires considerable skill, excellent knowledge of the specifics of customs legislation and the ability to understand its many nuances. Customs broker Kiev prices are negotiated exclusively individually.
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