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Preparation of customs documents is an integral part of import and export operations, which requires careful preparation at all stages. Knowledge of current customs legislation and practical experience are important "tools" that can protect you from stress and unexpected expenses when importing / exporting your cargo. The key to a fast and inexpensive document Processing process for customs is a clear understanding of the algorithm of actions, as well as a conscientious approach to collecting when preparing documentation.
Customs Declaration processing is an integral part of international trade operations.
1) Customs declarations-filled out by a customs broker;
2)registration card of a foreign trade entity in the customs authorities;
3)order agreement with a customs broker;
4)foreign economic agreement with additional agreements and appendices to it, as well as their translation into the state language;
5) contract of carriage and calculation of transport costs (depending on the terms of delivery);
6)Transport documents and invoices for transportation (CMR, TTN, Air WayBill, Bill of Lading), loading lists, packing lists, specifications, etc.;
7) commercial documents (invoice, proforma invoice, invoice), as well as their translation into the state language;
8) documents confirming the country of origin of the goods (certificate of origin, sender's statement, etc.);
9) documents that are used to determine the customs value of goods (Bank payment documents, relevant accounting documentation, catalogs, specifications, price lists, price lists, manufacturer's calculations, information from foreign economic and exchange organizations, conclusions prepared by specialized expert organizations, etc.) - if necessary, confirmation of such information;
10)cargo delivery control document (preliminary Declaration);
payment orders confirming payment of customs payments;
11) documents that, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, are issued by state bodies to complete customs clearance of goods (permits and signs of sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary, phytosanitary, radiological, environmental control, etc.)
12) documents granting the right to receive tax benefits;
13) other documents at the request of customs authorities.

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