The registration of the hygienic conclusions
If you want to get the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise, but at the same time save yourself the need to communicate with government officials, save time, nerves and money, the best solution is to entrust it to experienced specialists.
In accordance with article 10 of the law "on ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population", the State sanitary and epidemiological expertise is carried out in order to verify documents (projects, technological regulations, investment programs, etc.), as well as existing facilities and associated hazards to comply with the requirements of sanitary standards.

Based on the results of the examination, the applicant is issued a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.
Registration of hygienic certificates for cargo - a document of the established form certifying the compliance (non-compliance) of the object of state sanitary and epidemiological expertise with the requirements of human health and life safety, approved by the relevant chief medical officer, is mandatory for the owner of the object of expertise.

In order not to delay the registration of documentation, as well as to get the necessary documents in the end, it is best to contact our experienced specialists. Our employees have been providing services in this area for years, so they are well aware of the main subtleties and nuances of the complex registration process. By contacting the phone numbers listed below, you can always get comprehensive answers to any questions, as well as clarify, if necessary, financial issues related to the provision of certain services offered by our company today.
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