Online customs clearance calculator on our website, which can correctly calculate the tax on cars.

When importing a vehicle to Ukraine it is necessary to obtain customs clearance. This concept has always caused people to be afraid and unwilling to buy a car from abroad, but now that we have compiled a calculator for customs clearance of cars in Ukraine, it will become easier to make a purchase from abroad!
Customs clearance of a car is a mandatory registration procedure in accordance with current legislation. In other words, it is the legalization of cars when they are transported across the border for temporary or permanent use.
The standard process of customs clearance of cars in Ukraine looks like this:
When crossing the border, the buyer must provide the car for customs inspection, issue a Declaration and make the payment established by law. This is followed by documentation at the checkpoint. The entire procedure takes about 3-4 hours (provided that all documents are in order). After that, the car is sent to the customs office located near the place of registration of the buyer. Transportation takes a maximum of 10 days. In addition to the main customs payments, the transport owner is required to pay 3-6% of the total cost of the car, a fee to the PFU and for the services of the Ministry of internal Affairs. After that, he gets a technical passport and license plates for the car.
Online customs clearance calculator gives you the opportunity to calculate the cost of tax on cars that you want to bring from abroad within a few minutes. The company "" will help you calculate the customs clearance of cars and will make every effort to ensure that you save your budget and can easily clear the car.
And before you buy a car, the company "KORSA" wants to help you to calculate the tax easier thanks to the new customs clearance calculator.

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