Logistics customs clearance of goods in Kiev
Declaration of imported goods is a mandatory procedure that involves providing the Federal customs service with a set of documents with comprehensive information about imported products. Very often, it is convenient for entrepreneurs to act through an intermediary-a reliable carrier company. We assure you that customs clearance of goods will not affect your wallet due to the competence of the company "Korsa"!
Customs clearance of small cargo works in working mode, without downtime at the border. Our customers know the exact time of delivery and can fully focus on their business activities.
Our company also offers you customs clearance of goods from China. Required list of documents:
Regardless of the characteristics of the product (with the exception of small quantities of items intended for personal use), it can only freely cross the border if there are:
1. foreign trade agreement-contract;
2. required references;
3. confirmation of customs value;
4. detailed description (photos, drawings, instructions, diagrams);
5. consignment note;
6. commodity transport documents for delivery and customs clearance of goods from China (CMR, TTN, TIR Carnet, bill of lading);
7. currency payment orders, cash orders;
8. documents for currency control;
9. appropriate licenses and permits from government agencies.
Customs clearance of goods from Belarus is also represented in our company. This procedure is quite complex and difficult to perform on your own. The difficulties are that you need to issue a set of documents, fill out customs declarations, and pay existing state duties. That is why we offer our help so that customs clearance is not a difficult process for you.
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