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If you have the opportunity to buy a car abroad, then you should think in advance about a profitable and non-overhead customs clearance. For this process to be correct, you need a Korsa customs calculator. The customs calculator will calculate the cost of car tax in a few minutes and save your budget.
Customs calculator is a free tool that allows you to calculate the customs value - import customs duties, VAT, temporary surcharges and find out the cost of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine. If you can not correctly determine the data for the calculation or are not sure of its correctness, then for a more accurate calculation of customs payments for the car, you can leave a request for consultation with our specialists. Korsa customs broker is a great opportunity to save your time and money, as the brokers of the KORSA company are irreplaceable specialists in their field. They will give you a full tour of car import and help you with all your questions.
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