Korsa customs clearance of goods is fast and easy.

Everyone who wants to import goods to the territory of Ukraine faces a certain number of procedures that need to be performed. One of them is customs clearance of goods. Korsa customs clearance of goods offers you its professional assistance and highly qualified specialists who will deal with the imported goods.
How do I calculate the cost of customs clearance?
To find out the cost of imports, enter the following data in the customs calculator:
1) the currency of the contract
2) the country of origin of the product
3) product Code according to UKT FEA
4) the value of the goods in the selected currency
The cost of customs clearance is included in the overhead costs of importers and is necessarily taken into account when planning deliveries from abroad, since the cost of customs clearance is often one of the main factors. Thanks to Korsa customs clearance, you can import goods without spending extra money. Our customs brokers will handle all issues. Korsa customs clearance Kiev takes into account all the factors that are used to calculate customs payments.

If you contact KORSA, you will be provided with first-class service and qualified assistance in customs clearance of any cargo.
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