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Customs clearance of goods Kiev is a customs operation that is carried out when a foreign product is imported into the customs territory. At its core, customs clearance is a set of measures aimed at legalizing foreign goods or cargo. This procedure is necessary when crossing cargo from abroad to the territory of Ukraine and back. After a number of actions, the movement of goods across the border becomes legal. This allows you to legally carry out any manipulations with it: transportation, sale, use. That is why we offer you assistance in customs clearance of cargo.
Customs clearance. Detailed import instructions.
Foreign economic activity aimed at importing products to our country is quite complex. It is based on various regulations. Many of them contradict each other. Various duties and other charges imposed by separate government orders also cause confusion in the customs clearance procedure for goods in Ukraine.

Import of products to our country is mainly carried out with the help of brokers who are able to minimize the company's expenses. With our help, you will be able to introduce products to the country with the lowest costs.
Customs clearance of imported goods is performed as follows:
We recommend that you consult with specialists before signing an agreement and starting cargo transportation. It is necessary to find out how appropriate it is to import these goods into the country.
Enter into a contract with the company to represent your interests related to the import of imported goods in government agencies.

A list of additional documentation will be generated. These include certificates and other permissions.
The company is accredited as a participant in foreign economic activity at customs.
All necessary documents must be collected for cargo delivery and customs clearance.
Products are imported.
The customs duty is paid and calculated
A representative of the company submits a Declaration and other documentation required for customs clearance of goods.

Any mistakes made during the customs clearance of products may lead to the fact that the procedure will have to start again. So we recommend that you contact Korsa for help.
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