Customs calculator electroauto is the perfect solution for proper cost determination.

Qualified specialists of the company "KORSA" will help you to carry out the registration of such a car. Electric cars reduce the harmful impact of transport on nature, and their use is a step towards a green lifestyle. An electric car is a great way to save on fuel. The cost of gasoline is gradually increasing, and very often fuel costs take up a large part of the family budget, and due to electricity for recharging batteries, the consumption becomes much less. You can find the customs clearance Calculator for electric vehicles on our website and we will help you buy a car!
Electric cars are more and more common on the roads of our country and are becoming more popular, although cars with an electric motor are not uncommon in foreign countries. Of course, electric transport is a great solution for our environment. And so many people want to become the owner of a car with an electric motor.
An electric car can be either a passenger car or a cargo car. For customs clearance of an electric vehicle, You will need to pass all customs procedures, but without paying duties and VAT. But as for electric cargo vehicles, we advise you to check the total figure with the Customs calculator of electric vehicles on our website. The tax rate for vehicles equipped exclusively with electric engines is set at 1 Euro per 1 kW.h of the capacity of the electric battery of such vehicles.

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