Customs clearance for 1000 UAH
Today, quite often Ukrainians buy cars abroad. This solution allows you to save money, because in Europe such cars are cheaper than ours, and euroblocks often have the best technical condition. KORSA offers you highly qualified specialists and customs clearance for 1000 UAH.
In accordance with the new changes, foreign cars will be subject to constant monitoring in 2020. So, any representative of law enforcement agencies has the right to stop a car with foreign license plates and check the documents for it. If the documents do not match, the owner/driver will be subject to serious administrative penalties. It is assumed that the amount of fines will increase significantly compared to the current level, and there is a high probability that the driver will be deprived of the car. That is why it is necessary to clear foreign cars as soon as possible, so as not to fall under undesirable sanctions.
In 2020, it can only be manufactured if the applicant has all the necessary documentation for the car. The list of required documents is regulated by the Law "on customs clearance of motor vehicles".
The main documents include:
1. technical passport for the car;
2.the contract of purchase and sale of car;
3. reference with information about the manufacturer;
4. insurance contract and accompanying documents;
5. certificate confirming the removal of vehicles from registration in another country.

Please note that each copy of the document must be officially notarized. Another important requirement is the presence of a Euro-5 certificate, which confirms that the car meets environmental standards and that the car can be operated on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, it is extremely important to take into account additional costs, among which transport is the most significant.
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