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Customs payments depend on the cost and technical condition of the car, the type and power of the engine of its year of manufacture. If you have a Euro certificate, the European truck will pass customs clearance for an even lower fee. With the help of the customs truck calculator, thanks to which you can easily and quickly calculate the cost.
For customs clearance of trucks, it is very important that the vehicle's engine meets the environmental class of 5 Euros or higher. If you are looking for a highly qualified company to help you, then you definitely need to contact us!
Which cars can be considered trucks?
Regular trucks and vans (open, canvas-topped, closed, etc.)
The classification of certain vehicles in this entry is determined by characteristics that indicate that these vehicles are primarily intended for the transport of goods and not for the transport of people. These features are used in the classification of vehicles that have a total vehicle weight of less than 5 tons and have either a separate closed rear platform or an open rear platform that is used for transporting goods, but may have bench-type rear seats on the sides, without seat belts, seat belt attachment seats or passenger facilities folded so as to fully use the rear platform for transporting goods. These trucks may include vehicles known as" multi - purpose vehicles "(for example, van-type vehicles, pickup-type vehicles, and some recreational vehicles (sport utility vehicle-SUV). Customs truck calculator is a great opportunity to save time and money!
The basis of the definition of the truck.

(A) the presence of bench-type seats that have safety or passenger comfort devices behind the driver and front passenger. These seats are usually folded or extended to allow full use of the floor of the rear area ("van" type vehicles) or a separate platform ("pickup" type vehicles) for transporting goods)

(B) a separate cab for the driver and passengers and a separate platform with side boards and a folding tailboard (pick-up vehicles)

(C) the lack of Windows in the two side panels of the rear body; the presence of the windowless sliding doors that open to the outside and climbs up to the unloading or loading of cargo, which is located on the side panels or in the rear (vehicle type "van")

(D) the presence of a barrier between the driver and front passenger, and rear area, or any fixed panel.

(E) there are no signs of comfort or interior decoration in the cargo compartment, nor are there any devices that are inherent in the passenger cabins of motor vehicles (for example, carpeting, ventilation, interior lighting, ashtrays).
In order to know all the nuances of buying, our company offers you a customs truck calculator.

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